14 reasons why you should love your ERP system

14. 2. 2020
An ERP system you will love

You can always rely on it. It is there for you at all times. Two good reasons why ABRA Gen ERP is the best candidate for a long-term relationship. And since we are celebrating all things romantic, here are 14 reasons why you should love it.

  1. It Allows You to Use Your Resources to the Max

    ABRA Gen includes an Automation Server which can create invoices, back up data, and carry out sequential tasks – exactly like a human working with the information system. This way, it leads to significant savings on human labor.

  2. It Provides a Good Overview

    ABRA Gen has the integrated proprietary solution ABRA BI – a smart tool for visualizing and analyzing your company’s data.

  3. It Is Versatile

    ABRA Gen can run on different server platforms. You can choose from Linux, Windows, ORACLE, MSSQL, Firebird, your own HW or ABRA Online – you can run the system in the cloud with no need to install it on your servers.

  4. You Will Always Understand Each Other

    ABRA Gen has excellent help and top rate support. This includes a hotline, which is available at friendly times from 7am to 7pm.

  5. It Will Always Be There

    ABRA Gen comes with lifetime warranty.

  6. It Is Unique

    ABRA Gen can be your only production information system – you don’t have to worry about systems integration. This means significant savings on IT operation costs.

  7. It Will Tell You Everything

    Comprehensive documentation is included in the installation.

  8. It Is Deeply Cohesive

    A change made in one place will immediately be implemented across the system. Its unique Related and X-links functions allow for fast and comprehensive work with related documents.

  9. It Is Adaptive

    ABRA Gen offers a wide range of tools allowing you to customize the system according to your user preferences.

  10. It Has a Good Memory

    ABRA Gen customizations remain functional even after you install newer versions.

  11. It Will Be Your Trusted Friend

    It is reliable and fast. Tip: Do you want ABRA Gen to run even faster? Read this article on our blog and find out how!

  12. It Speaks Four Languages

    ABRA Gen is available in Czech, Slovak, German and English. The system is localized for Czechia, Slovakia and Switzerland.

  13. It Is Innovative

    ABRA Gen was the first Czech ERP system with a smart watch app. We have our own proprietary BI solution and a sweet API.

  14. It Has a Soul

    Technological innovation is fundamental to us. But so are people who are behind the development of our products. That’s how we are able to create software with a soul.

Lots of love from the ABRA Software team <3.

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