Protection of personal data

Some data provided during usage of this server, products and services of ABRA Software a.s., with a place of business Jeremiášova 1422/7b, 155 00 Prague 13, identification number: 25097563, registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague section B., insert 4475 (hereinafter only “ABRA”), may be regarded as personal data within the meaning of the Act no. 101/2000 Coll. on protection of personal data, as amended. ABRA fully abides by this act and does everything to protect this personal data. In this connection, ABRA deems appropriate to inform you of the following:

  • Some functions of the Web require consensual entering of some important data from the point of view of further communication with the user of the Web (hereinafter only “user”).
  • Any data that the user provides are stored on a secure server.
  • The data provided are intended only for responsible employees of ABRA and are not provided to the third persons.
  • ABRA has the right to use the customers’ contact information for sending information important for full utilization of the products and services. Every registered user has the right to prohibit the sending of this information from the side of ABRA at any time that is in the form of an answer to some of the delivered messages.
  • All data received from the users is used exclusively for the purposes of the company ABRA that does not sell, rent nor otherwise transmit these data to the third persons. It does not apply to information that may require state authorities in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.
  • ABRA does the maximum to protect the user data against misuse.
  • Every user, who has provided personal data to ABRA, has the right to ask ABRA in written form to provide information, what personal data about him ABRA stores.

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