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All you need to do before a meeting or a delivery is look into Flexi. It knows everything there is to know about your business partners.

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Business Contacts in ABRA Flexi

Contacts always at hand

Flexi keeps records of your contacts (suppliers, customers, authorities,…) and allows you to add specific details – address, bank account, maturity period, an overview of supplied or reserved goods and more – according to the type of relationship or communication. The program loads the ID and updates information from the ARES database. You can attach documents, notes, scheduled meetings and tasks to each contact.

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Business Contacts Always on Hand

Key Features:

  • Contacts
  • Events and activity
  • Destinations (distinguishes between headquarters and branches)
  • Company groups
  • Invoicing limit
  • Summary invoicing information
  • Event costs

Some features only work in the older desktop version for now. Here you’ll find regularly updated information about the differences.

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