Differences between the app's web and desktop interface

What can the web interface do that the desktop can't?

  • Smart assistant (smart search, calculator)
  • Customizing the appearance of the display
  • Form variants
  • Interactive PDF preview of invoices received
  • Notice board (improved dashboards, etc.)
  • Smart bulk pairing at the bank
  • Improved spreadsheet imports

What is missing from the web interface?

In Business Partners

  • Business addresses – business partner signature certificates can't be loaded.
  • Customer and supplier contracts – missing: creating, valorising and generating invoices; only the overview is currently available.
  • Events and activities – missing overview of tasks to be implemented.

In the Goods module

  • Price list – missing: support for batches, expirations, assembly in the form of parts lists, and EKO-KOM packaging production reports.
  • Receipt/issue slips – invoices and cash receipts can not be generated.

In the Sales module

  • Invoices issued – no calculation of the status of payments as of the date, document accounting or incidental costs for Intrastat.
  • Business cycle – missing: offer variants; bulk inquiries and orders from a received order; received orders and inquiries issued from received inquiries (so far only offers issued).
  • Cash register – completely missing.

In the Purchase module

  • Invoices received – missing: ancillary cost accounting, creating an asset card, rounding up or down of document prices.
  • Business cycle – orders issued don't allow for creating classic or bulk production orders, orders from another supplier, orders according to user query or to a minimum; export to EDI is also missing; inquiries issued don't allow for inquiring from another supplier.

In the Money module

  • Bank – missing: advanced automatic pairing (ISP), creating overpayments.
  • Cash register – missing: document and incidental costs accounting, price correction in local currency, creating invoices from paid advances and creating asset cards.
  • Mutual credits – completely missing.

Assets module

  • Doesn't allow for editing items; only the preview is available.

In the Accounting module

  • Other receivables – missing: cash and bank payments, document accounting.
  • Other liabilities – missing: cash and bank payments, document accounting, signing for payments and calculation of the status of payments as of the date.

In the Employees module

  • Currently only as a preview.

In the Tools module

  • People and users – missing: defining user roles.

In Company settings and other functions

  • Missing: work with the accounting period, updating of release orders, recalculation of account balances, user transformations, certificates, SMTP settings and communication with external devices.

Immediate web interface development plan?

Downloadable Roadmap in PNG.

  • Improved filtering (already added)
  • Serial number support (already added)
  • Agenda wizards
  • Accounting period initialization
  • Inventories (already added)
  • Global filtering (already added)
  • Accounting outputs (already added)
  • Display – an even more "condensed" mode
  • Account balance recalculation (already added
  • Feature to transfer user settings between companies