Frequently Asked Questions about ABRA Flexi – FAQ

Flexi Integration

What is an API?

It is a programming interface which makes it possible to link to basically any external system as well as to automate processes in the background of the application. The most common case is linking to an e-shop; many customers also use the API to link to CRM applications, payment gateways, attendance sheets, banking or any other internal system. Rather than imports and exports, it's a matter of real-time communication. We also provide complete documentation for our API.

What can Flexi be linked to?

Whatever you can think of. The most common case is linking to an e-shop; many customers also use the API to link to CRM applications, payment gateways, attendance sheets, banking or any other internal system. For some apps, links already exist; others still need to be programmed.

Which e-shops can be linked to Flexi?

It doesn't really matter if the solution is custom, a commercial e-shop (Shoptet, Webareal, etc.) or open source (Prestashop, WooCommerce …), you can link Flexi to all of them. For a list of e-shops that are already linked, see our accessories. For the others, the link will have to be programmed.

Which banks and payment gateways can be integrated with Flexi?

Flexi (the Business and Premium versions) offers a direct online connection to the FIO bank. Other banks and payment gateways can be automated and linked too. For more information, see our accessories.

Can you recommend any integration partners?

Definitely; for a full list, see our website. Of course, it depends on what you need to address specifically. We recommend contacting our sales department. It takes you where you need to go.

For Developers

Do you have a developer license?

Yes, we make developer licenses available in any configuration. You can run it locally / on your own server and it's valid for 3 months, with the option to renew. Developer licenses cannot be used commercially and they carry invalid watermarks.

Can developer licenses be renewed?

Yes, just contact the sales department at or call us at 371 124 340.

Is there documentation for the API?

Of course; complete documentation is freely available on our website.

Technical Questions

What is the difference between running the app on the cloud and on-premise/locally?

The functionality of the system is the same, it's only a question of where the data is physically stored. You can use both the desktop app and the web interface for both modes of operation.

What is the difference between the desktop appl and the web interface?

The desktop app has 100% functionality and can be installed on Windows, Linux and macOS. You can use it when you are at the computer in person. The web interface works on any device that has an Internet browser – so it's available wherever you are, anytime. Flexi online works with the same data as the desktop app, but the controls are different. We try to respect the web and do things in a clearer, simpler way. Differences between the web and desktop interface of the app.

Can data be imported into Flexi from another system?

Yes, but it primarily depends on the format of the data exports from your current system. ABRA Flexi generally allows import via Excel or XML.

What is EDI communication?

It is an electronic exchange of data between various information systems and applications as part of business communication.

What EDI messages can be communicated?

In EDI, ABRA Flexi can: For more information, see documentation.

Which EDI integrators do you support?

We recommend EDITEL or Grit EDI integrators because they have experience with ABRA Flexi. They know the message format needed for EDI and the specific properties of the link.

Which operating systems can I install the desktop app on?

Generally on Windows, Linux and macOS. A complete list of supported versions of operating systems can be found in system requirements.

User Queries

How many companies can I keep track of/accounting for in the system?

As many as you want. The number is unlimited.

Can I use the desktop app and the web interface simultaneously?

Yes, it is possible to use both interfaces with the same user, on the same device.

Does the system have any other limitations, like the number of documents?

The number of companies, issued documents and users with preview access is unlimited.

What are add-ons?

Flexi cannot cover all the specific requirements and features that customers require so we offer numerous add-ons and system expansions. A compete overview can be found here.

Can I try ABRA Flexi?

Of course, we offer a 30-day free trial license. Its configuration is entirely up to you, it is only limited in time. Just click here. The trial license also allows you to switch between the versions and to use our technical support.

Can trial licenses be renewed?

Generally not; we think one month is long enough to see if ABRA Flexi is the right solution for you. If you don't get around to trying it out at all, let us know and we'll arrange something on an individual basis.

How do I switch from a trial license to a regular one?

Just confirm the link in the email you'll receive from us during the trial period. Or you can contact our sales department at or at 371 124 340. In either case, you can make changes to the license configuration.

I went through your video tutorials but I would still like some individual training, is that possible?

Yes, just fill out the inquiry form.

Will you help me migrate from another system?

If you don't find our manuals helpful enough (Transitioning Accounting to ABRA Flexi and Imports from Excel) or if you'd prefer a custom solution from us, we will be happy to help you.

Can you recommend any accountants who work with Flexi?

Yes, their list is on our website.

Do you support legislation for non-profit and contributory organizations?

Yes, this legislation is included in the Business and Premium versions.

Which legislation do you support?

We support Czech and Slovak legislation.
Czech legislation: double-entry bookkeeping, tax records, payroll and double-entry bookkeeping for non-profit and contributory organizations.
Slovak legislation: double entry accounting.

What can the web interface do?

In our overview, you will find that the web interface doesn't yet have all the features of the desktop app. On the other hand, it has extra features and doesn't require installation, you can simply connect through a web browser. Both interfaces complement each other, so it depends on what you need from Flexi. The advantages of web Flexi include instant viewing of your data and quick invoicing. This is especially useful for performing simpler operations or on the go.

Will the web interface run on a smartphone/tablet?

The web interface will work on any device with a web browser, including a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. The interface is responsive so it adapts to the screen size.

Licenses & Services

What is the difference between a licencse purchase and subscription?

It's similar to a car purchase vs. leasing. With a subscription, you won't have to worry about anything – the system will automatically run in our cloud, including updates and backups. If you purchase a license, you will have to run it on your own server or locally on a single PC. You must have active Annual License Support to receive program updates and technical support.

How can I end a license subscription?

If you want to terminate the service, you must submit a written notice by email to The notice period is 2 months, i.e. you will pay for the current month plus one more month.

How can I access my data after my subscription has ended?

Unfortunately, after the end of your subscription, you can no longer use ABRA Flexi in any way. One option is to purchase a license for running the app locally and restore a data backup, or a complete export of your accounting data (Excel, PDF).

Can I purchase a license and run it in your cloud?

Our cloud can only be used if you have a subscription.

Is it possible to purchase some of the higher version features?

Not individually. If your current license doesn't contain all the tools you need, you can get them by upgrading to a higher version.

Can different users have different versions under one license?

Only through setting rights within the so-called user roles.

What happens if I don't want the Annual Support; can I skip a year?

A user who has purchased a license and runs the app on their own server/locally has the right to not acquire the Standard Support for a specific year. However, as the system is continuously updated and it isn't technically possible to exclude the upgrades from a specific year, when the user purchases Standard Support for the following year, they will be charged the for the omitted periods in the form of 60% of the Standard Annual License Support fee.

How can I add another user with write permission?

First, you need to order user access from our sales department ( or 371 124 340), and then you can create users directly in the system as described in the documentation.

What are the available versions of the Annual Support?

We provide standard and extended support. Detailed contents of the versions can be found here.