Stock Levels and Assembly

Flexi will inform you about items which need to be ordered and where to find them, so you can better plan your sales including special prices and discounts.

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Warehouse Agenda in ABRA Flexi

Accurate Information about Stock Levels

Whether you have an e-shop, a brick and mortar shop or a wholesale operation selling production materials, you need accurate information about youor stock levels. Flexi sorts items into specific categories and groups, manufacturers or batches. You can manage an unlimited numbers of warehouses and link them with your price list, which supports the sale of packages and sets, lets you set quantity discounts or the sale of multiples of units.

You can reserve goods for your customers even before it is unloaded into your warehouse. This way, you can prevent the sale of products you have already promised to someone else. Does your business include assembly of products? Then you will appreciate our Bill of Materials tool – an issue slip is created directly after the goods are unloaded at the warehouse, including items necessary for the production of the specific product.

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Stock levels and Assembly - ABRA Flexi

Business contacts always at hand

Key Ffeatures:

  • Unlimited number of warehouses
  • Bar codes (EAN)
  • Serial numbers, batches and expiration dates
  • Fees, optional accessories, attributes
  • Attachments including images
  • Sets and bundles
  • Similar products
  • Position in the warehouse
  • Packaging support including custom EAN codes
  • Intrastat

Some features are currently only available in the older desktop application. Click this link to find regularly updated information.

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