ABRA NEWS software & business – September 2018

26. 9. 2018
ABRA NEWS září 2018

Growth in added value and work productivity, accurate predictions of economic growth and business viability. These were the core topics of the practical ABRA Workshop Company data in context presented by the founder of ABRA Software Jaroslav Řasa together with the CEO Martin Jirman. The workshop was the first one of our series devoted to the various practical benefits of ABRA Gen. ABRA Software’s inspirational meeting with customers took place at the modern Prague coworking center Opero.

Jaroslav Řasa also attended the Forbes Next Big Thing technology conference , where he joined the NEXT 100 panel: How will the Czech Republic look in 100 years? And the 100 years theme, specifically the anniversary of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia, is also significant for our esteemed customer, the PETROF family . Because we enjoy every success of our customers, we are delighted that PETROF has produced an anniversary piano called “Republic” for this occasion.

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