Protect your business. Switch into the cloud.

Get rid of worries with operation and leave the the care for the information technologies up to us. We will be happy to help you operate ABRA on-line.

ERP systém v cloudu

What do you get with ABRA online?

  • With  ABRA on-line you can run the information system over the Internet, without having to install it on your servers.
  • The operation is daily ensured by our top class professionals. Thanks to that, you will get more time for your business and save money for maintenance and development of servers or other IT technologies.
  • Regular ABRA Gen updates and database maintenance to ensure maximum performance of your system.



We daily ensure ABRA on-line serves you with maximum performance. We use modern technologies to provide you with the fastest and most effective system ever.

Great availability

We do our best to make ABRA available to you anytime, anywhere. The availability of ABRA IS exceeds 99.99%.

Data safety

Stay calm, protecting your data is a priority for us. We back up and encrypt them several times so you are the only ones who see your data.

Continuous supervision

Rely on us. We are constantly monitoring all servers and the application itself. We do not only watch the equipment, but we make sure that your ABRA is always fully functional.

Flexible prices

Save money with a long-term contract at a better price. Or do you want to run the option without any obligations? Save up to 50% of operating costs per year.

Top support

We take good care of our customers. We educate users free of charge, operate a hotline with excellent readiness and qualified consultants and arrange service interventions within 24 hours.

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