We develop a modern information system that helps entrepreneurs grow and succeed. We are their ally. And you are our teammate.

You can help us develop sophisticated software and you can grow with each new version. ABRA Software started in the 90's as a start-up founded by two friends. They are still part of it and you can tell. Although we employ over 150 people and operate in the Czech Republic Slovakia and Switzerland, we are still a company with a friendly spirit. We play fair and we support each other.

Forewarned is forearmed. Let us know what you can do and we will get back to you.

Current job vacancies

There are no vacancies at this time.

ABRA Lifestyle employee care

We want you to be happy working with us. That is why we offer a whole range of benefits that will make your working days more pleasant. With us, it's not just benefits – it's ABRA Lifestyle.

  • blankYou will grow with us: we offer our proprietary educational portal ABRA2Grow, company library with up-to-date materials in the field of IT, politics, economics and personal development.
  • blankWe put innovation into practice. We work with academics and scientists from prestigious institutions and have access to the latest knowledge and technologies.
  • blankYou can work from home or outside of regular working hours
  • blankWe organize lectures and workshops led by interesting personalities.
  • blankWe regularly organize joint sports events, or you can stretch your body on the company's fitness trail at the office, or use your Multisport card.
  • blankWe offer corporate savings with a favorable interest rate.
  • blankYou can borrow a company car for personal use.
  • blankAnd much more… Stop by for a coffee and get to know ABRA Lifestyle!
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Martin Kratochvíl

Vladimír Moravec

Development of ABRA Gen
For me, working in Abra is fun, but it also moves me forward professionally. I appreciate the great working environment and the relaxed group of inspiring people.
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