Lenka Vlková, Head of Accounting Services

Lenka Vlková

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

After studying at the Business Academy and a year of experience in real estate management, Lenka became an accountant in an external accounting company. She started by entering invoices during the implementation of a system, and in 3 years she became a team leader and trained new hires. Alongside her job, she began studying at the University of Management Informatics and Economics, where she found a combination of what she needed – economics and IT. She graduated with a bachelor's degree because she found the university did not teach her more than real life practice. Before taking the opportunity to work for ABRA, she had tried different systems. She's been with ABRA for more than 13 years and still considers it the best information system. She is very happy to help customers with their requests or problems.

If you need to contact us in any matter, please email us at quality@abra.eu.