ABRA Software, formerly Aktis (until 2006), was founded in 1991 as an association of Petr Vacek and Jaroslav Řasa.

Their goal was to produce software for entrepreneurs. The first product, ABRA Plus, was quickly expanded to create the popular ABRA Classic. The ABRA Gold program was added to it in 1994 and three years later ABRA Gold Mini. In 2000, ABRA G3, the predecessor of today’s ERP system ABRA Gen.
enters the market.
As the software developed, so did the company. In 1994, ABRA founded its Slovak branch, in 1997 it became a joint-stock company. The Division of Accounting Services and Education was also established.

In 2008, United Software A.S. was established, which became the parent organization of Abra Software.

United Software was established as a platform for cooperation of software companies primarily focused on companies operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2009, thanks to United Software, ABRA made contact with the company Flores. One of the recent acquisitions of United Software is the takeover of Neotech and the founding of Systematiq, which was formerly the technical division of Flores. In 2012, it also took over 100% of the company ABRA Software s.r.o.-Slovak branches operating in Bratislava. In 2015, there was a merger of United Software A.S., SYSTEMATIQ s.r.o. and ABRA Software a.s., which became the acquiring company of all three companies.


2018 ABRA Gen is GDPR ready.
2018 ABRA Gen brings unique improvements: Data visualization Live.
2017 What’s NEW: IoT platform and integrated Business Intelligence.
2017 Foundation of a subsidiary in Switzerland ABRA Software AG.
2016 ABRA as the first ERP supplier in the Czech Republic launched a new WebAPI and application for smart watches.
2016 Connection of all ABRA Gx series systems to the new ABRA Gen product.
2016 Entry into the Swiss market.
2015 Merger of United Software, ABRA software and SYSTEMATIQ. Acquiring company is ABRA Software a.s.
2014 Introduction of the ABRA FlexiBee Cloud Accounting program to the Czech market
2014 Official introduction of cloud Software – PrimaERP TIME TRACKING on the Czech market
2014 Takeover of FlexiBee Systems s.r.o. by United Software A.S.
2014 Introduction of new versions of ERP ABRA G4 and Enterprise Information System ABRA G3; Unification of information Systems ABRA G2 and ABRA G1 under the ABRA G3 brand
2013 New offices in Ústí and Hradec Králové
2013 Placing ABRA mGATE on the market
2012 Tax consultancy Services Extension
2012 Start the Customer Portal
2011 Placing ABRA iGATE on the market
2011 Placing ABRA E-Shop on the market
2011 ERP system ABRA G4 now supports MS SQL database
2011 Takeover of SYSTEMATIQ S.R.O. by United Software a.s.
2010 Takeover of part of NEOTECH from Písek and its integration into the structure of ABRA Software a.s.

2009 – 2005

2009 Changing the organizational structure to a new, process-oriented one
2009 Establishing cooperation with FLORES
2008 United Software a.s. established, acquisition of several smaller development projects
2007 ABRA Gx used by over 13.000 organizations
2006 Placing ABRA G1 on the market
2006 Change of name to ABRA Software a.s.

2004 – 2000

2004 Creating an ERP system ABRA G4 (ORACLE platform)
2003 ABRA G2 Market, founding daughter and PLUS Media s.r.o.
2001 Foundation of the subsidiary company Roofs Prague s.r.o.
2000 Development of foreign representation (Poland), Company Information System ABRA G3 enters the market

1999 – 1995

1999 WIN version ABRA Gold, language mutation (Polish) system ABRA Gold
1998 Started development of Enterprise Information System ABRA G3
1998 The tumultuous development of services, the emergence of the division of Advertising and Education division
1997 Establishment of Bookkeeping Division
October 1997 Introduction and distribution of ABRA Gold Mini
1.1.1997 Transition Aktis S.R.O. for the joint-stock company Aktis a.s.
October 96 Certified by Aktis S.R.O. according to ISO 9001
Summer 1996 Supplementing the system with cash sale modules and wages and human resources
1.7.1996 Award of the brand Czech made product ABRA Gold
Winter 1995 Initiation of the introduction of the quality management system according to ISO 9001
1995 Improving ABRA Gold and replenishing other modules assets, transport and production planning


December 1994 Launch of ABRA Gold core sales
February 1994 Change of price policy and trade mark ABRA Plus on ABRA Classic
Spring 1993 Launch of ABRA Gold development
1992 Significantly increasing number of clients ABRA Plus, new business premises
Spring 1992 Transition association with limited liability company Aktis s.r.o.
30.5.1991 Jaroslav Řasa and Petr Vacek constitute the association Aktis with the intention of creating a SW for entrepreneurs called ABRA; The first products bear the name ABRA Plus