Mandatory published data

ABRA Software a.s.

Business Name: ABRA Software A.S.
Registered Office: Prague 13, Jeremiášova 1422/7b, zip code 155 00
identification number: 25097563
VAT Number: CZ25097563

The company is registered in the Commercial register of the Municipal Court in Prague Dept. B, inset 4475.

Company ABRA Software A.S. together with companies ABRA Flexi s.r.o. (ID no.: 28019920) and ABRA Software s.r.o. (based in Slovakia) and ABRA Software AG constitute a concern within the meaning of UST. § 79 Cust. No. 90/2012 Coll. on business corporations.

Phone: + 420 296 397 399

Excerpt from the commercial register.

The company’s marketing year ends with 1. 7. and ends on 30. 6.

Annual Reports

ABRA Software AG (based in Switzerland)

Industriestrasse 26A
8404 Winterthur