Social responsibility

ABRA Software supports smart ideas and innovations (e.g. Industry 4.0. Or the Internet of Things), the long-term helps to develop the business environment, science and education for business. It focuses mainly on projects that support Czech entrepreneurs, young scientists, education and the introduction of the format for electronic data interchange. The very advantageous prices of products and services supplied also support various charitable and humanitarian organizations.


Logo Nadace Dobrý Anděl

DOBRÝ ANDĚL is a system by which up to tens of thousands of donors, good angels, can greatly help thousands of sick and relatively small regular monthly contributions. A good angel helps families in which the father, mother or some of the children have cancer or suffer from other serious diseases (cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, serious hereditary metabolic disorders, etc.). ABRA Software for a good angel developed a new web-based information system for online management of donors and recipients and all other data covering the agenda of the Endowment Fund.

NF Neuron

Logo NF Neuron

Endowment Fund Neuron believes that science is the engine of the development of society and that the work of excellent Czech scientists and scientists will improve the lives of all of us. Each year, the prestigious Neuron awards the top scientists and vědkyníms who influence the level of knowledge in their fields. Neuron prices are most significantly subsidized prices for scientists in the Czech Republic. The NF neuron works through funding from private means of patrons – successful people who want to support talented Czech scientists and scientists through the NF neuron. One of the patrons is also the founder of ABRA Software Jaroslav alga.


Logo Unicef

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) works in over 190 countries in the world where children help to survive and support their development, from birth to adulthood. UNICEF provides children with health care, nutrition, drinking water and sanitation, basic education for all boys and girls, and protection against violence, abuse and risks of AIDS. Since its inception, it has also provided immediate assistance in need of children and women in countries and areas affected by the war conflict or natural disaster.



ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) is an international humanitarian organization providing assistance to people in need. ADRA Czech Republic is part of the international network of ADRA organizations, which operates in more than 130 countries worldwide. ADRA works with people living in poverty and distress to have a fair and positive change through strengthening partnerships and responsible action.

Salvation Army

Logo Armáda spásy

The aim of the Salvation Army in the Czech Republic is the physical, social, moral and spiritual support of people of all ages, on Christian principles. The target group of the Salvation Army are all those who find themselves in a difficult life situation, but also those who seek any spiritual help or support. The Salvation Army operates social facilities and community centres in which it provides over 60 registered social services. Every day of their services is used by over a thousand disadvantaged persons.



ISDOC is an electronic invoicing format, on whose development the ABRA Software has worked as a member of the ICT Union. The format allows for the paperless exchange of invoices and other documents, their rapid processing and portability between businesses, public administrations and private individuals.