Customer Care In the Time of the Pandemic

23. 3. 2020
Our consultants are working online

ABRA Software is in full operation and all of our services remain fully available to you. Naturally, this includes our Customer Care department, with a team of consultants and sales managers devoted to seeing to all your needs.

The only change to our operations is online communication with a minimum of in-person contact. We asked the Care team leader Martin Glausch how his team is coping with working online.

Martin, were there any significant changes to the way you work?

No major ones. Our job is to take care of our customers, and we mainly respond to requests coming in via the Customer Portal. This is a job you can do from basically anywhere.

We are all working from home and all planned meetings with customers are done on the phone, or we do videoconferencing on MS Teams.

How do you connect to the customers’ servers when they need you to set up a new product?

We usually use an RDP connection (remote desktop connection) to their server. We can also connect directly to a specific user with AnyDesk; our customer support team uses the same tool.

Does your team stick together even though you’re not in contact in person?

To keep up our morale as well as the standard of our services, we have regular, thrice-weekly team coordination meetings. And we use our own tool, primaERP, to record the time we spend doing our tasks.

We also try to advise our customers on how they can make remote work efficient and what tools they can use to do it.

Do you feel you have more time for team development now?

Whenever we have a free moment, we use it to eliminate outstanding work and older tasks, the things we don’t normally have time for. We also educate each other.

Thank you.