Information system for medium and large companies, which reliably covers corporate processes.

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Comprehensive ERP system

With dozens of modules and extensive custom-tailored development possibilities, it delivers a perfect overview of the entire business in one place. Supports business management, from business to inventory management, production, service delivery to bookkeeping, reporting and decision-making support. ABRA Gen, due to its large variability, is applicable in all business sectors.

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Introduction to the ERP ABRA Gen

More detailed introduction to ABRA Gen

We bring cutting-edge technologies.

With the acquisition of ERP ABRA Gen, you get the latest software innovations: integrated custom Business Intelligence solution with instant data visualization and API, that allows you to link any application and arrange for mutual communication. All information will be available anywhere, anytime, including smart watches .

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Why choose


ABRA Gen is an ERP system that encompasses every business area and adapts to various business disciplines. It ranges from CRM to production and after-sales service. It can serve as the only information system in the company.

Abra Gen Information System Functions (Modules)

Take advantage of dozens of top-class modules like CRM, production, stock management, Business Intelligence or e-shop. Take a look at the complete list of modules that we can tailor to your needs:

Unified and intuitive controls

Modules have unified and intuitive controls, that are most intertwined and allow work on multiple agendas at a time. Additional specialized business, production, service, and finance features are available in the extended version. Do you want to know what ABRA Gen system configuration to choose?

Contact us or refer to our System Add-ons and recommended HW configuration.

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How do we implement the system?

We deploy our systems professionally using proven methodology. Thanks to this, we guarantee quick and seamless implementation and a detailed overview of the current status of the project.

How does ABRA Gen work in practice?

ABRA Gen is already helping in 10,000 companies, in many branches of business . We help business such as YVES ROCHER, PETROF, LAKTOS, and TEMO – Telecom. Read our customer’s case studies or try our system out straight away.

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