Information system for medium and large companies which reliably covers corporate processes.

Intuitive work with the information system ABRA Gen

Comprehensive ERP system

With dozens of modules and extensive custom-tailored development possibilities, it delivers a perfect overview of the entire business in one place. Supports business management, from business to inventory management, production, service delivery to bookkeeping, reporting and decision-making support. ABRA Gen, due to its large variability, is applicable in all business sectors.

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Why Choose


ABRA Gen is an ERP system that encompasses every business area and adapts to various business disciplines. It ranges from CRM to production and after-sales service.

Alexandra Kala


„ABRA Gen allows us to monitor every process of our company. Without it, we would not be able to manage such a complex company effectively.“

ABRA Gen offers solutions from A to Z for all company areas

ABRA Gen can serve as the only information system in the company. Treat yourself to managing the entire company in one place.

System demonstration


ABRA Software implements information systems in almost all fields of business. Examples of most commonly deployed solutions:

Other fields

  • Travel agencies
  • Wholesale
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • ICT companies
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Media
  • Notarial services
  • Optometrists
  • Plastic production
  • Business consulting
  • Radio technology
  • Advertising agencies
  • Specialized retail
  • Cleaning, sanitation, security
  • Technical consulting
  • Electro-manufacturing companies
  • Wholesale of household products
  • Wholesale of construction materials
  • Road management and maintenance
  • Manufacture of glass, ceramics and stone

Screenshots of ABRA Gen

Manage Your Business in a Modern Way

You can run the ABRA Gen ERP system in the cloud and work anytime and anywhere. The system can be integrated with any open solution thanks to an advanced API.

All data from production, warehouses, the e-shop or even from traders on the road is always online in one place and you can use it to make quick and correct decisions.

Implementing Information Systems

We implement our systems in a professional way, using tried and trusted project methodology.

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