Automatic update of exchange rates

Automatic download of exchange rates from the Internet at a specific time.

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The first step of setting up the add-on is to enter the web address from where the ticket should be loaded. You can then specify the update time, the name of the connection (ABRA IS database), the username and password for ABRA OLE. The program will automatically release the ABRA OLE license after the update. The application runs without external error messages. Any errors are recorded in the ErrorLog.txt file, which is automatically created in the same directory on the drive as where the program starts.

The plugin can be launched in three ways:

  • standardly visually is used for immediate updating or for placement in the “after launch” section
  • Installed as an NT service using Kurzy.exe / install and then run the service, runs on Win XP, 2000 as a service on the background. You need to run the service manually. The program retrieves the settings from kurzy.ini that are stored through the visual environment or manually in INI. After changing the parameter settings, the service needs to be restarted to update the updated parameters.
  • via scheduled tasks with the START parameter, the program starts, updates, and ends. An advantage is planning, for example, once a month, etc.

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Automatic update of exchange rates

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