Bulk invoicing

Easy automated invoice creation from orders.

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The solution was created for companies that generate invoices issued from orders or receipts in bulk (or only from orders received from delivery notes). It is often used in connection with order processing from e-shop, as well as other process environments.

The operator selects documents for processing in the agenda of orders received or delivery notes and starts the appropriate function using the button in the right menu. In the case of error-free processing, the agenda of the newly created documents is displayed, with the possibility of quick checking, further processing or printing. In the event of errors occurring, these are displayed to the operator to be corrected after processing.

In terms of functionality, it is possible to create separate documents (one source document = one output document) as well as the merging of source documents either for one customer company or according to its premises (some companies wish to have a separate invoice for each facility). The billing method can be set individually for each business in the directory. Within the deployment, there is a rule for selecting a number of output documents, so, for example, some documents are invoiced to domestic and others to a foreign line of facts issued.

Example of use:

In the agenda, you mark 100 received orders and press the “FV in bulk” button. Once processed, an invoice agenda is issued, showing all newly created invoices issued for each company.

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