Bulk processing of invoices and advances

Automate the process of sending invoices and other documents fully.

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The set is designed for bulk invoicing. It allows you to switch from manual processing of each invoice to a fully automated process. Invoices can be automatically printed on a printer or simply exported to electronic format (ISDOC or PDF) and sent by e-mail.

How the plugin works

Firstly, the process of document processing is defined; in the optimal case, the invoice sales representative only prepares and stores the document in the information system. Then the person responsible for processing the outbound invoices of the entire business will initiate their bulk processing, which will be done for each invoice according to the specific method of communication with the particular company.

By default, the ABRA Gen will divide the documents into:

Sent by post
  • printed centrally on the printer on the selected form
  • logged into the Mailbox module in a Czech Post form for bulk submission
Sent electronically
  • an email with a PDF attachment and an attached electronic signature is created
  • client approval in the business directory is recorded

After installing the package, a new “processing status” item will be added to the Invoices issued agenda. The operator can select a filter to display all the unprocessed invoices and press the Print / Send button to run their automated processing. Subsequently, all invoices will be processed. Either by printing an invoice and creating an entry in the Sent Mail module or by exporting it to an ISDOC or PDF electronic format with the creation of a record in the Sent Items e-mail.

In the system, after processing each invoice, the method used for sending the invoice is entered and the invoice is distinguished in color from the unprocessed documents.

Who uses the add-on the most

All businesses that regularly issue a larger number of invoices. For example, business companies, insurance companies, energy suppliers, telecommunication and other services.

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Bulk processing of invoices and advances

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