Communication with MS Exchange and Google Apps

Automatic synchronization of Directories, Calendars, Tasks, and Email.

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The plugin is used to synchronize ABRA Gen with MS Exchange. Synchronizing Directories, Calendars, Tasks, and Emails. Synchronization service connects to ABRA Gen and to Exchange using web services and always loads changes since the last synchronization. It then writes these changes to the second system.

In settings, you can choose how often and which parts will be synchronized. You can also specify in which direction the data will be synchronized. It is only possible to transfer changes from ABRA Gen to Exchange, only from Exchange to ABRA Gen, or you can choose bi-directional synchronization. For example, you can set the directory to be synchronized from ABRA Gen to Exchange, while Calendar will synchronize bidirectionally.

Address book

The ABRA Gen address book (+ company data) is synchronized. For synchronization, a separate directory folder named ABRA Gen is created in Exchange. All transferred contacts from ABRA Gen are stored in this folder.

You can set which contacts the user can see in the settings. Typically, for example, it is not desirable for a sales representative to see supplier contacts, or we may want them to see only the companies they are in charge of.

I would recommend that you do not set up bidirectional synchronization on the address book, but only from ABRA Gen to Exchange. This makes address book management easier, and it is also possible to define the contents of the transmitted data using the standard ABRA Gen terms (applicable to all parts).


Synchronize ABRA Gen activities into the main user calendar in Exchange.
Within the settings, it is possible to set which activities will be transferred to the directory – for example, only a certain type and series that correspond to the scheduling. If you want to edit and create new events in Exchange, you can use bidirectional synchronization.


As with the calendar, activities are synchronized to the Exchange task list. The setting determines which types and rows of activities match the tasks.


If email synchronization is active, all received and sent emails are transmitted to ABRA Gen. Depending on the email or domain of the sender/recipient, the message is assigned to the business/person. In ABRA Gen, all corporate communication is recorded to monitor the progress of the communication with the company, as well as when more than one employee communicates with it. Emails are also archived in ABRA Gen if the user deletes emails from their mailbox.

The deployment requirement is a functional Exchange 2007 or later, and the embedded Exchange Web Services (EWS). In addition, you need to have a purchased ABRA Gen.

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