Data import from the Insolvency Register

We will help you easily prevent problems with unreliable clients.

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Are you fighting the payment discipline of unreliable clients? Are your uncollectibles piling up? The ABRA Gen add-on, available from the progressive version 17.03.07, will help prevent these problems. TThis is a fully automatic process right in ABRA Gen. You do not need to manually inspect the insolvency index, the system keeps track of your current data, and alerts you about troubled entities immediately.


Insolvency is verified through the Insolvency Register information system (ISIR) using the ISIR_CUZK_WS web service. This service allows you to perform authentication by downloading the actual status of a particular subject. The information is immediately available in ABRA Gen.

Insolvency information is directly integrated into the Address book module. It is not necessary to install and set up an add-on. After activation with the license key, you can immediately enable the functionality in the Company data in the Parameters tab. Press the new button to read the Insolvency Index record immediately. The system also checks insolvency automatically before issuing any document.


Even greater convenience of using the add-on can be ensured through automated tasks that can be used to regularly monitor insolvency of selected entities. To do this, you need to set up an automation server.

For detailed documentation on the Import Insolvency Index data add-on, see online help .

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I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Data import from the Insolvency Register

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