EKO-KOM Report

Keep track of the current amount of packaging on stock cards.

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The solution is intended for providig data on the amount of packaging that the client of EKO-KOM, a.s. placed on the market or put into circulation for a calendar quarter.

A macro is created in the standard report, which reads data from the ABRA Gen system and fills the report.

Once the set is installed, the items and forms that the report needs to be filled in are stored in stock cards.

Deployment of the installation kit can be done by an IT user. It is then necessary to add to the stock cards the specific packaging and data required for the statement. At the end of the quarterly run, you run the macro that is delivered to the Excel workbook, which will fill in the required statement from the stock documents.

We recommend ordering license support together with the set (annual fee) as EKO-KOM changes the format of the report and needs to be updated as needed.

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