File Store Management (FOLDER)

Keep your contracts, offers and other business documents in order.

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The solution is used to manage internal documents. It automatically establishes a unified directory structure for individual business partners.

All contracts, sent offers and technical documentation are then automatically stored in a single company directory structure.

Once a company is created, a set of directories that you can define yourself will automatically be created on the server.

An example:

  • \folderAABC s.r.Contracts
  • \folderAABC s.r.Menus
  • \folderAABC s.r.Claims

If the company is renamed in ABRA Gen, the directory will automatically be renamed on the server.

If you already have a company in the SW ABRA directory, you can create the directories by pressing the “Create FOLDER” button.

The main parts of the installation set in ABRA

  • ini file to define the company directory structure
  • Definable form in business address book
  • Auto-load script

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on File Store Management (FOLDER)

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