Filling in MS Word and Open Office templates

Easy data transfer from the information system to a text editor template.

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The software add-in is used to quickly fill in MS WORD or Open Office templates from ABRA Gen. The application fills a predefined document template with data from the information system.

In addition to the ability to create individual documents for a particular batch, you can identify multiple businesses, for example, and create a bulk document with an offer where each business will have a personalized document filled in.

The generator also allows you to fill in tables in a document where the number of rows is not known in advance.

Script is standardly delivered to agendas:

  • Business address book
  • Invoices received
  • Invoices issued
  • Offers issued
  • Orders received
  • Orders issued
  • Employees
  • CRM Activities

A filled template can be saved as a document into the selected directory on your disk or saved to the ABRA database as an OLE document.

Examples of practical use of the solution:

  • We want to automatically pre-fill customer contract headers. Customers are entered in the ABRA SW directory.
  • We want to automatically pre-fill labor contracts for employees. The employees are listed on the ABRA agenda.
  • Send standardized offers…


  • Export any data item of a given agenda
  • Export simple nested items
  • Export collections by index
  • Export entire collections by custom settings
  • Cover basic access Rights
  • Save settings for individual agendas
  • Easily import a new template
  • Multiple entries option
  • Possibility to store multiple items in one file

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Filling in MS Word and Open Office templates

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