Import of stock documents from XLS

A fast retrieve of all stock document items for an XLS file.

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The add-on is used for importing stock documents into ABRA IS through an open ABRA OLE interface from any XLS file (one document is always imported). You can set the range of cells from which to import. It can also import documents in user item lines, serial numbers and batches, including multi-line notes from different XLS columns.

Add-on settings can be saved in an INI file. All set parameters can be saved in the configuration file for reuse. The program works with ABRA Gen visual codebooks.

The add-on can import the following documents:

  • Receipt cards (Serial Numbers, Batch, User Items)
  • Bills of delivery (Serial Numbers, Batch, User Items)
  • Output Transfers (Serial Numbers, Batch, User Items)
  • inventory surplus (serial numbers, user entries)
  • inventory deficiency(serial numbers, user entries)
  • inventory content
  • received orders (user entries)
  • orders issued (user entries)
  • offers issued (user items)

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Import of stock documents from XLS

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