Online communication with a general e-shop

Link the information system to an e-shop and record data only in ABRA Gen.

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The add-on will ensure the connection of the online store to the ABRA Gen information system in online mode. The main advantage of linking systems is a single data repository (ie all data are written only to ABRA Gen – e-shop is automatically updated at regular intervals or upon request by ABRA Gen users). For the functionality of this solution, which actually opens your gateway to your data system, you need to build on the implementation of the specific functionality you need on the e-shop side (provided by your e-shop supplier).

The online interface works on web services technology, which are called from the e-shop environment and provide the relevant data from the ABRA Gen database according to e-shop requirements. The interface supports the option to read and write information about businesses, people, facilities, stock cards (including stock menu), and orders. The interface supports both the transfer of all up-to-date information and the transmission of the changes made.

Typical use of the communication bridge are these data exchanges:

  • List of stock cards (ABRA = & gt; e-shop)
  • Business address book, facilities, and people (both ways)
  • Creating Customer Orders (e-shop = & ABRA)
  • Download of Order / Invoice Forms in PDF (ABRA = & gt; e-shop)
  • Main and individual product prices (ABRA = & e-shop)

The solution assumes that the client has a computer on his own network that is “visible” from the Internet and at the same time he sees the internal network where the server with ABRA Gen is. It also emphasizes the adequate quality of the Internet connection (according to the communication interval).

In order to deliver solutions, we recommend that you also order these services:

  • Installation of the APACHE Web Services and Web Server (and plug-in installing) at the customer’s facility within 3 hours at a cost of 4,950CZK.
  • Individual training of eshop staff in rules and formats of communication with the web service in the range of 8 hours at the cost of 13 200CZK.
  • Provision of time-limited access to the web service test server (so that the eshop can continually test the created interface within the agreed schedule)

Additionally, it is possible to order individual adjustments of the standard solution (implementation is made based on ananalysis) at an hourly rate of 1650 CZK / hour.

An easier-to-implement offline option is Importing Documents from XML for batch import of Internet orders and solutions via the automation server in the data export communication module.

WARNING: Web Services Technology generally assumes that the customer will ensure secure communication between the web service server and the server running the eshop. Contact your IT administrator about the options for secure communication.

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Online communication with a general e-shop

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