Receivables management and automatic reminders

Automatic creation of reminders for unpaid invoices.

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The solution is designed to automatically create reminders for unpaid invoices. You can specify in the definition how many days from the non-payment should the first reminder and the following reminders be generated. For each reminder, you can choose to send an e-mail or a letter in paper form.

Reminders can exclude invoices that are disputed by the client (complaints) for a defined period of time and a note to the reminders document can be added. Similarly, a whole company can be excluded from the reminder (for example, companies in a group, companies where payments are through mutual credits, etc.)

After filing unpaid invoices, the application itself checks if the invoice is already in the first reminder or last time reminder time. When all conditions are met, it generates the appropriate reminders and arranges for a payment prompt to be sent (e-mail, post).

If the reminder process is initiated, the invoice may be changed – handed over to the legal department, handed over to the court, payment order, execution, etc. These data can also be changed for closed documents that will then be attached to the invoices issued as their payment. Once the payments are made, the Cash register receipt agenda is opened with the records that have just been created (for quick control or printing). There is a “Remove Line” button available in the application window. Pressing this button will delete the current line. Press the “Close” button to exit the application without creating any payment documents.

Note: The solution allows collaboration with the basic package “Payment Calendar and Pawns.” Invoices with a set payment schedule are only reminded when the repayment schedule is violated.

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