Sharing codebooks among recorded businesses (for MSSQL/ORACLE)

Easy sharing of information among different company databases.

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The solution is for users who register multiple databases (businesses) within one ABRA Gen installation, and find it beneficial to share codebook or other information.

In fact you can imagine sharing codebooks as seeing and managing one common addressbook or stock card codebook in several databases. From a functional point of view, the user is not limited in stnadrad work with the data, adding, editing or deleting records in a shared codebook can be done from any company to which the codebook is shared.

Selected examples of how to use codebook sharing

  • Manufacturing and trading company – One company manufactures, the other company deals with distribution. Companies will have a common list of warehouse cards and order dials. The process of production (bills of materials, standards, etc.) will be established in the production company on the stock cards, in the business company the business process (offers, orders, CRM, etc.). In the order codebook, the process can be followed in both companies from the order, through production to delivery to the customer.
  • A company managing the accounts of multiple subjects- Employees often need to access multiple companies’ accounts. In these cases, sharing lists of users accessing both companies (therefore the access password remains the same) is required. Furthermore, it may seem appropriate to share the accounting schedule or account code.
  • A group of companies providing advertising – Each of the group’s companies provide different services, but mostly for the same group of customers (once a customer orders a billboard at one of the companies, another one prints promo t-shirts, the third one handles their online advertising). In this case, sharing an address book of companies, including contact persons and details about them, can be beneficial.
  • The solution can only be implemented in connection with ABRA Gen IS and the ORACLE database service, on whose technological possibilities the solution is built. The solution is described in more detail technologically and functionally in the enclosed document.

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Sharing codebooks among recorded businesses (for MSSQL/ORACLE)

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