Stock cards import

Load stock cars and storage unit data from the XLS file quickly and efficiently.

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The add-on is used for importing stock cards (including the option to create a sub-card and note the location on the sub-card) and storage unit data from any XLS file to IS ABRA Gen through the ABRA OLE open interface. This add-on includes the option of importing stock menu and stock types.

The add-on can also import data into user items in stock cards, fill in blank fields in stock cards (even user items), or can change existing storage card values.

In advanced options, it is possible to specify above-standard import settings such as calculating values, etc., using any QR function (function from ABRA IS print editor). This feature gives the program a new dimension in setting options.

In the add-on, you can intuitively set up the XLS area from which the data will be imported. In addition, the program includes import of suppliers, import of stock menu, import of stock types. All settings and parameters can be saved in the configuration file for reuse.

The add-on is intuitive and does not require the assistance of a consultant for its deployment.

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Stock cards import

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