Universal data imports (LUBIX)

Easy data update in the ABRA Gen system.

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The Lubix-MultiImport app is designed to enter and update data in the ABRA Gen ERP system. This is a standalone application that communicates with ABRA Gen using an open interface. Lubix allows you to enter new records in ABRA Gen systems and update existing records. Additionally, batch operations of both of the above processes can be done automatically based on import files and settings in the application. An import accuracy test is also available in the application.

All import settings in the application are implemented in a visual and user-friendly way.
The application is deliberately designed so that it can easily be transferred between computers. It does not have to be specially installed or uninstalled within the operating system. The application is intended for Windows OS.

The definition of import projects is defined using visual elements in the application window in a well-structured and user-friendly environment. With this solution, you can bulk import any quantity and all types of data objects, including subordinate objects ( for example company premises). Import data can be entered directly into the application window or imported from MS Excel files or any general CSV files.

Images or memo items can also be imported, support for user-defined items of objects goes without sayings. The solution is designed not only to import new records but also to be able to repair any records already existing in the ABRA IS database.
It is also possible to run the application automatically without any user intervention. In automatic mode, application runtime can be set to import external files in predefined directories. To a large extent, this solution can be used as an import bridge to work with ABRA IS data without having to deal with creating a custom-made application.
For maximum convenience, import data can be tested directly in the application interface before running the import itself without any changes to ABRA IS data. The test output is a well-structured text report showing all the problems that can occur during the import.
Included in the delivery of the solution is a very detailed help in chm format and a set of sample projects, where application examples are presented. A detailed description of sample projects is part of the supplied help.

The main benefits of this solution are:

  • Independence from external MS Excel applications
  • Sophisticated and intuitive user interface.
  • The ability to import not only new records but also to perform any repairs and edits to ABRA IS.
  • Test the import data in detail, test output is a clear text report.
  • The application can be run in automatic mode where no user intervention is required, for example, from a Windows OS scheduler or an ABRA IS automation server.
  • In automatic mode, the application can be defined to import data from external files. This makes it possible to replace the functionality of some standalone import applications.
  • Detailed help as chm file.
  • Delivered with functional examples of different import types.

This solution is by its sophistication and the possibility of ambidextrous use a real professional solution that is easy to use in practice.

Any other import projects can be easily defined by users who are familiar with the internal data structures of the IS ABRA database (users who have successfully completed ABRA IS administration training). If necessary, we are ready to provide you with a consultant who will set up the application with custom settings. If the change is made by the consultant, it is a paid service, which will be charged based on the hourly rate according to the valid price list.

Request a time-limited activation key to test the application.

I’m interested in demonstrating the add-on Universal data imports (LUBIX)

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