Business Intelligence for a General Overview of Your Company

You can always see your company data in context. Anywhere you are, at all times.

ABRA BI in the ERP system ABRA Gen

Why Using Reporting and Controlling in ABRA Gen is a Good Idea

  • You can make your decisions quickly and on the basis of real-time key economic indicators
  • All important data from the entire information system can be displayed on any device with Internet access
  • automatizujete vytváření a odesílání potřebných reportů
  • Consistent control over all financial flows in the company and monitoring of employees’ or entire teams’ performance
  • KPIs can be set up exactly according to your requirements
  • Automated creation and sending of all necessary reports

Would you like to see all of your company data online and in context?

ABRA Business Intelligence Live

Find out more about ABRA Gen features for the
following areas of reporting and controlling:


With the advanced ABRA BI features, you will always have a perfect overview of your company.

  • Unlimited definitions of custom key indicators, including comparisons with previous periods
  • Analyzing data from ABRA Gen as well as external sources
  • Information is available everywhere, at any time – on your computer, mobile phone, tablet and smart watch
  • A comprehensive reporting system tailored to the needs and type of the customer’s business
  • Dynamic pivot tables that support active drill-down and allow you to visualize data in clear graphs
Business Intelligence graphs in ABRA Gen ERP
Business Intelligence graphs in ABRA Gen ERP
Funkce MS Excel v ERP systému ABRA Gen
MS Excel Features, ABRA Gen ERP

MS Excel Features

This set of features allows you to work with data from the ABRA Gen information system in MS Excel environment.

  • A package of ten functions that obtain values from various agendas within ABRA Gen and import them directly into cells in a spreadsheet
  • The data from ABRA Gen arrives in real time, remotely via the Internet, and securely
  • ABRA features work the same as other Excel features and you can include them in any calculations
  • You can work with accounting and business data (e.g. account turnover, receivables, payables, depreciation, asset balance, account balance, stock balance, stock movements, sales)
  • You can create various plans and models in your own spreadsheets, without the need for complex data export

KPIs in Mobile Devices

We create trends. You can view the data from ABRA Gen in our mobile application.

  • Choose the charts that you want to have on hand at all times
  • Quick access to selected reports – you don’t need to log inlašování
KPIs v mobilních zařízeních
KPI for Mobile Devices, ABRA Gen ERP

BI as Part of ABRA Gen Solutions for the Company as a Whole

Our all-in-one information system, ABRA Gen, helps you manage your business as a whole. All of your data is in one place, the individual areas of your business are interlinked, and your employees work in a single user friendly interface. All of your data is in one place, the individual areas of your business are interconnected, and users work with one friendly interface.

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