Efficient Purchasing of Goods and Materials

ABRA Gen's comprehensive purchasing management ensures that you always have enough goods in stock to actually sell, and all the material you consume.

Purchasing agenda in ABRA Gen ERP

Why Managing Purchasing in ABRA Gen is a Good Idea

  • blankSave human labor thanks to electronic processing and fast online approval of supplier documents
  • blankSee a clear link between the documents in the purchasing process and checking for delivery completion and price
  • blankA quick and detailed overview of the items currently ordered
  • blankInstant overview of document coverage, balance, turnover and minimum stock developments
  • blankPrecision precise demand management with a comprehensive overview of suppliers, including ratings
  • blankFact handling of all purchase requests for goods and materials from all authorized users

Do you want to always have enough goods in stock and buy from the best suppliers?

Take a look at efficient purchasing management in ABRA Gen

Video: Demo video on efficient purchasing process management

Find out more about ABRA Gen features for the following areas of purchasing:


Automate the ordering of goods and materials.

Purchasing Agenda in ABRA Gen ERP

  • Complete records of goods and an overview of order coverage
  • Demand management and a comprehensive overview of suppliers, including ratings
  • Automated ordering of missing goods and materials
  • Electronic processing of supplier documents in ISDOC, EDI and other B2B formats
  • Purchase reports with an overview of suppliers, delivered items, volume of trades, payment terms, payment reliability and other indicators

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Your customers receive their goods on time and there’s no unnecessary idle stock in your warehouse, blocking the company's resources.


  • Instant overview of document coverage, balance, turnover and minimum stock developments
  • Optimized future development of stock
  • Comprehensive balances combining all available resources, including the monitoring of minimum stock and upper limits of items in stock
  • Current and future stock deficiencies warnings
  • Fast ordering according to pre-set criteria

Storage Cards

Storage cards contain all the information about goods/materials and suppliers.

Storage cards in ABRA Gen ERP

  • Easy to use warehouse menu helps buyers with navigation and later reporting
  • Unites all information about a stock item that will be important in other parts of the business process
  • The Suppliers tab shows instant information about delivery time or purchase price, which is important when rating suppliers
  • A separate tab shows all stock movements
  • Data can be imported from MS Excel or, thanks to the API, automatically directly from the supplier’s system
  • The information on storage cards can be leveraged in e-commerce
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Purchasing as Part of ABRA Gen Solutions for the Company as a Whole

Our All-in-one information system, ABRA Gen, helps you manage your business as a whole. All of your data is in one place, the individual areas of your business are interlinked, and your employees work in a single user friendly interface. Purchasing of goods is directly linked to warehouse management, sales, and manufacturing.


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