Flawless Warehouse Records and Management

You know exactly where your goods are stored, so you don’t have to waste time manually searching and data entry. With up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can make full use of every inch of storage space.

Faultless inventory and warehouse management in ERP ABRA Gen

Why Managing Warehouses in ABRA Gen is a Good Idea

  • A real-time overview of warehouse stocks
  • Optimized stock levels with regard to demand, season, warehouse performance and margins
  • Use of every last inch of storage space, and you will always know the position of your stored goods
  • Reduced error rate through working with bar codes and mobile readers directly in the warehouse
  • Faster shipping through connecting to the systems of domestic carriers
  • Use of every last inch of storage space, and you will always know the position of your stored goods

Do you want your company’s warehouses to work without a glitch?

Take a look at efficient warehouse stock
management in ABRA Gen

Warehouse Management

Records of stored items and task management in the warehouse.

  • Immediate access to warehouse status, number of orders and reservations;
  • Supported batch and serial number tracking and saving documentation and certificates in the form of attachments
  • Quick display of documents and movements directly from the storage card
  • Bar codes for quick searched and item entry
  • Unlimited number of storage units
  • Unlimited number of managed warehouses – work in one warehouse (e.g. Taking inventory) does not disrupt the running of other warehouses.
Skladová agenda v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Warehouse Management in ABRA Gen ERP
Polohované sklady v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Chaotic storage records in ABRA Gen ERP

Chaotic Storage

Efficient storage of goods in the warehouse in variable positions.

  • A fast, accurate, and highly automated solution helps you organize and manage your warehouse and use your space to the maximum
  • The software sorts shelves by type, size, load capacity or position, so you know where to store your goods
  • Streamlining the work of warehouse workers; positioning documents help them orient themselves better when working with inventory in the warehouse
  • Bar code search support
  • Unloading and release strategies can be set according to pre-selected criteria

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Your customers receive their goods on time and there’s no unnecessary idle stock in your warehouse, blocking the company’s resources.

  • Instant overview of document coverage, balance, turnover and minimum stock developments
  • Optimized future development of stock
  • Comprehensive balances combining all available resources, including the monitoring of minimum stock and upper limits of items in stock
  • Current and future stock deficiencies warnings
  • Fast ordering according to pre-set criteria
SCM v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Mobilní skladník v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Mobile Stock Keeper in ABRA Gen ERP

Mobile Stock Keeper

WMS terminals maintain order and streamline work in the warehouse.

  • Quick work with bar codes eliminates the risk of errors – warehouse workers are more efficient and reliable;
  • Data on movements in the warehouse enter the system immediately after the respective operation
  • A true online overview of stocks – the application on the terminal works in real time and with the same data as the information system
  • Permanently guaranteed linking of the ABRA Gen information system and WMS mobile terminals from one supplier
  • Modern solutions working in the Android OS environment, including fine-tuned hardware

Shipping with Balíkobot

The integration of the Balíkobot.cz service ensures fast and error-free shipments.

  • Balíkobot mediates electronic communication between individual carriers and provides customers with a unified interface
  • Shipping of packages and pallets directly from ABRA Gen
  • The direct API link from ABRA Gen to transport services saves the customer an average of 36% of time on shipping
  • One-click label printing directly from ABRA Gen
  • Shipment tracking in ABRA Gen
Balíkobot v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Balíkobot linked with ABRA Gen ERP
Skladové karty v ERP systému ABRA Gen
Storage cards in ABRA Gen ERP

Other Useful Warehouse Features

ABRA Gen warehouse management offers extensive options for automation.

  • Storage cards and storage unit data can be imported from a XLS file quickly and efficiently
  • Variant storage card support – you can record several variants on one card (e.g. color, clothing size, type of material)
  • Data on the amount of packaging that a client of EKO-KOM, a.s., introduces the market or into circulation per a calendar quarter
  • Bulk posting of stock documents streamlines accountants’ work
  • Option to link to external WMS systems

News on the topic of warehouse management

Warehouses as Part of ABRA Gen Solutions for the Company as a Whole

Our All-in-one information system, ABRA Gen, helps you manage your business as a whole. All of your data is in one place, the individual areas of your business are interlinked, and your employees work in a single user friendly interface. Warehouse management is an integral part of all business and production processes.

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