Address book

Address Book is the central repository of records about companies and individuals and the place for their administration.

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As a basic operational element, Address Book is linked with all other modules of the system.

Companies may record an unlimited number of individuals which may be assigned a generally defined position (e.g. director, production manager, accountant) in the address book. Afterwards, these can be very efficiently collectively addressed using a simple selection. The individuals may be assigned to several companies.

Address Book provides you with

  • efficient sorting and quick searching which will enable quick and error-free work
  • marketing support for performing market segmentation and classifying companies into categories
  • quick viewing of all documents for a company or an individual in the address book
  • records of a random number of plants for every company
  • immediate displaying of information from internet trade register and other portals
  • possibility to store images for companies and individuals (photos, logos, etc.)
  •  transferring a selection of companies to other agendas for subsequent work with a selected group of customers

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