The module can be utilised in manufacturing of products which arise from assembly of materials and semi-finished products.

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Leads to easy and fast processing of a product based on stored standards, including bulk depreciation of stock items and receipt of assemblies to stock. Examples of module utilisation are in fields of custom assembly of furniture configurations, custom assemblies of bicycles, assemblies of gift packages, colour mixing, etc.

What does the Assembly module offer?

  • Simplicity and speed of processing assembled jobs
  • Basic assembly in three steps: preparation, material outgoing, finishing
  • Automated assembly of material based on analysis of data of SCM module warehouse stock, or individually according to order
  • Calculation of cost price of a product and comparison with real price of realisation
  • Possibility to utilise items intended for assembly not only for assembly, but also individually
  • Automated assembly “in the background”, which is invoked from sales documents

Tips & tricks

  • For products that are repeatedly assembled or assembled from the same or very similar items, a standard can be defined to maximize efficiency .
  • Completion sheet can be created based on delivery notes or accepted orders.

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