Attendance provides a comprehensive overview of employees’ working hours and statistics of work interruptions.

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Leads to fulfilling statutory obligation to keep records of time usage and work readiness periods that the employee had kept. The module interface is open and prepared for connection of HW and SW terminals. The tracked data can be automatically submitted to other modules of the system.

Main benefits of the module

  • Automation of attendance records
  • Records of arrivals and departures and other specific interruption of working hours
  • Automated data transmission to Payroll and human resources module
  • Entry using timeline or table grid
  • Possibility of fulfilling attendance according to employee’s work calendar
  • Ready-made basic printing reports
  • The module interface is open and ready to connect both HW and SW terminals (eg attendance terminals).
  • Recorded data can be automatically delivered to other system modules.
  • Thanks to the system’s interconnection, each employee has a monthly fund and a shift according to the type of job.

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