Automation server

Automation server is a tool that automatically executes all kinds of tasks which the user needs to perform in defined intervals or whose execution is preferable to postpone for periods when no users are working in the system, because of their time-consuming nature.

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The module may operate on a server together with the ABRA application server, or on a standalone server for optimum load balancing.

What will you get with Automation server

  • save time through automated execution of repeated tasks
  • reduced system load by postponing execution of time- and performance-wise demanding tasks for a suitable period (e.g. data backups)
  • possibility to distribute periodical reports and internal messages
  • possibility to address selected users with notices about events in the system, e.g. about received invoices, their repayment, messages about inventory dropping under a limit or replenishment thereof
  • support of access restrictions by roles

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