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Perfect overview of the company. Anytime and anywhere.

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The advanced module ABRA BI offers a full, bespoke Business Intelligence solution.

ABRA BI shows all the information from ABRA Gen as well as other sources and visualizes them into graphs, colourful pie charts, infographics or alerts. It allows unlimited set-up of custom criteria, components and advanced reports. That way you will always see information about the company in important contexts.

ABRA BI key features:

  • Business Intelligence solutions are completely customized
  • unlimited possibilities to set your own criteria and components, tracking various KPIs
  • data analysis from ABRA Gen as well as from external sources
  • information available anytime, anywhere – on a computer, mobile phone, and tablet

ABRA Business Intelligence

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ABRA BI in detail

Always have a complete overview – use the advanced features of the ABRA BI add-on module

  • ABRA BI is a significantly enhanced paid version of the basic tool for data visualization v ABRA Gen
  • data display in ABRA Gen or online as a standalone website – on your computer, mobile, and tablet
  • contains all the basic functions of data visualization in ABRA Gen a and, moreover, an almost unlimited adaptation to the specific needs of the company.
  • a complex reporting system tailored to the needs and type of customer business
  • unlimited definition of custom key metrics and components with the option of comparison to previous periods and with the ability to display them directly in ABRA Gen
  • define your own KPIs, including automatic updates and sending messages about their changes
  • automated tasks (such as sending reports by e-mail) for repeated reporting purposes
  • SnapShot Tables technology for saving preprocessed information when working with larger datasets
  • connection of other external resources (eg schedule in MS Excel) with the possibility of linking data from ABRA Gen
  • support of data structures of MS Excel, csv, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, H2 SQL
  • use of a full range of web servers according to the customer’s preferences of a particular IT solution (ApacheTomcat, jBoss, Jetty, IIS, etc.)

„ABRA BI provides us with clear results, graphs and color-coded important information. Just look at the overview with one eye and it is clear which way is the data moving. Our day-to-day business life is no longer possible without ABRA BI data because people need to have decision-making information available online at all times,“

says Peter Dobeš, managing director of Bricol.


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