Capacity planning

A tool for efficient arrangement of production plan and planning of work activities in optimum utilisation of capacities of human resources, sites and machines.

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Capacity planning extends functionality of the Production module, enables transparent displaying of the capacity plan and its simple administration.

The Capacity Planning Module offers:

  • Expanding the functions of production agenda and the capacity planning records according to the technological procedure.
  • More effective production planning and the use of production resources.
  • Planning methods – forward and backward, for limited and unlimited capacity, according to material disponibility.
  • Online data evaluation.
  • List documents included in the plan with summary statistics data on the efficiency of the created plan.
  • Creating a work queue in the Workshop Plan agenda.
  • Graphic representation of the capacity plan.

Tips and Tricks

  • The system can carry out smart planning of production processes at the individual work sites.
  • You can divide the production process into parts which can be planned n sequence. You can set the launch of the sequences according to your priorities.

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