Cash register

The cash register is a means of realizing the sale.

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The module allows the issuance of cash receipts, which are also tax documents – when selling for cash, it is not necessary to issue invoices as tax documents and then pay them with a receipt. You can use the Cash register module in retail sales as well as internal revenue and expenditure records. Fully supports EET.

The Cashier register module offers

  • Synoptic view of current status of any number of cash registers.
  • Direct link to stock items , price and discount system.
  • Issuance of cash receipt receipts based on delivery notes and orders received when sold for cash.
  • The ability to pay received and issued invoices, deposit notes, credit memos and others directly from these documents.
  • Arbitrary assignment of receipts to cash registers
  • Entering simplified tax receipt for cash paid.
  • Cash register balance with rate difference calculation and initial state for the next period.
  • Linking income return or expenditure return to the primary receipt or delivery receipt.
  • Option to account for a larger number of smaller sales

Tips & tricks

  • You can quickly issue inverse documents to the cash register receipts. Automatic accounting is a matter of course.
  • Documents can be linked to Orders, Projects, and Business cases.

Overview data

  • The module allows you to generate detailed cash reports with a selection of outputs from the cash register. This will give you a comprehensive overview of your cash.

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