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Horolezec ABRA

The new version of ABRA Gen brings unique enhancements – an easy-to-read overview of your company’s condition. Directly inside the system without the need for additional installation. You will discover a new approach to seeing the business in context. Online and in real time. You will have everything you need to be able to decide quickly and correctly.

Directly into ABRA Gen, we have inserted integrated fine-tuned charts to show your business’s immediate condition. There are more than seventy of the most commonly used useful graphs grouped into clear dashboards. No complicated installation and setup required.

You can find them anywhere, where you see the symbol:
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They can be activated with a code you will receive from us, all included in the ABRA Gen price.

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Data visualization in detail

  • A unique helper providing up-to-date information on the key company indicators values (e.g., state of receivables and payables, stocks and cash) and their timing (monthly sales, changes in inventory over the last year, etc.), including up to date information on ČNB courses.
  • there are pre-set and continuously updated reports available in selected agendas
  • reports are available to authorized users in an agenda tab
  • automatic installation in one step with ABRA Gen
  • automatic access rights set up from ABRA Gen
  • basic user edits – custom selection from offered components, editing of the output color theme
  • easy access to detailed values ​​of individual pointers
  • data is loeaded online from the ABRA Gen system
  • used web server – embedded jetty-maven solution (if needed, it can be replaced by another solution, eg ApacheTomcat)

Need more? Use the advanced ABRA BI module that offers a complete tailored Business Intelligence solution with unlimited possibilities of setting your own criteria and components. Available anytime, anywhere – currently on desktop, tablet, and smart watches.

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