Documents and supplements

The module provides management of electronic documents, their transparent arrangement, easy availability and linking to products, companies, orders, business cases, projects, etc.

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It works with many types of documents, such as outputs from Office, PDF, ISDOC, images, drawings, etc.

In cooperation with KadeL Data servis spol. s r.o. company, we offer M/TeamBridge Workflow upgrade for ABRA, which is designed for management and administration of documents and workflow. The product material in PDF format is available for download.

What does advanced document management offer to you?

  • replacing circulation of paper documents, accelerating processing and approvals of documents
  • automation of retrieving documents by scanning, from e-mail, by downloading from FTP, from directories
  • zero error rate during automated processing of electronic documents
  • efficient exchange of documents with business partners and authorities
  • availability of documents through remote access
  • sharing of documents by workgroups, their distributions within the company

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