E-mails and internal messages

The module enables sharing and exchange of data stored in the information system with customers, partners and co-workers.

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While e-mail communication may replace a mail server for serving corporate addresses, internal messages are a direct efficient way of communication between co-workers.

Electronic messages may refer to any documents in the ABRA system, require confirmation, contain effective date, wait for user log in to the system, etc.

Why utilise e-mails and internal messages in ABRA?

  • you will gain an efficient and secure internal electronic communication within your company
  • the system links received and sent messages with address book of companies, address book of individuals, orders, business cases, projects and all other documents
  • you can collectively send messages to groups of users with definition of who will obtain the notice as a message and who will obtain it as an e-mail
  • the sender of the message may easily verify whether the message was read by all recipients
  • e-mail and messages are a part of the system’s database, utilising the advantage of a safe repository and regular backups
  • company e-mail accounts may be served by a group of employees with defined substitution

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