The module supports the production of gastronomic products, i.e. cooking, confectionery, production of beverages and more, with direct linkage to their sale.

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In catering businesses, kitchens and restaurants, the module records everything from standards, through food production, to receiving and releasing warehouse stock in stock control. The Gastro-production module may work separately or be directly linked with the Restaurant sale module.

Gastro-production module offers

  • Entering recipes
  • Tracking the progress of production from making the list of products, through calculation of required commodities, to depreciation of commodities from stock and receiving finished products to stock.
  • Preliminary and final calculation of cost price of products
  • Issuing production sheets based on order vouchers from the Restaurant sale module, or based on Orders received, Delivery notes, from the SCM module, or manually
  • Tracking consumption standards in catering businesses, where it compares planned costs for catering of groups of boarders, with real costs.

Tips and tricks

  • Production sheets record the whole process in detail: a list of the required products, the calculation of the necessary raw materials and their depreciation from the warehouse and the receipt of final products to the warehouse. An unlimited number of different products can be produced simultaneously with one production sheet
  • Agenda Dining units lets you control eating costs for businesses with a pre-set budget. You can use the smart feature in the hotel business, for example, where you can offer an attractive buffet breakfast while having control over the costs.
  • The Template of standards , which is a summary of the data needed to produce the product, is designed to work within different types of gastronomic production.
  • Auto-depreciation of raw materials . When selling the product, the ingredients used will be determined according to the standard and will simply be written off.
  • Order vouchers can be printed with the option to add a message for the cook .
  • Linking to Catering Sales optimizes the production itself and, at the same time, ensures a quick sale of excessive supplies.

Well-arranged data

  • The system records and displays recipes and techniques including photos and images with the option of their print
  • the content of the standards can be displayed in a tree menufrom the point of view of the product or of the raw materials.

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