Provides overview of costs for operation of the individual vehicles.

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Contains data about vehicles, drivers, types of fuels and other data necessary for driving records.

The logbook module offers
  • Automated watchkeeping of dates of regular inspections or state technical controls .
  • Tracking costs for fuel and other expenses on individual rides.
  • Presets most travelled routes .
  • Track drives based on their purpose.

Tips & tricks

  • Do you like to have a good voerview of your expenses? The system can import data from fuel cards and will map out the expenses of individual cars
  • Extending the module by a separately delivered record import from GPS tracker O2 Car Control feature, you get automated corporate car tracking .
  • If your vehicals are equiped with location tracking device, the system can import data from the carand therefore save manual work.
  • Business trips can be easily assigned to an existing job or business case.
  • Well- arranged data
    • All vehicle, driver and mileage data will be clearly displayed in one place.
    • You can easily check which employee the vehicle uses, what are its costs and the state of the vehicle.

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