Mobile CRM for salespersons on the road

For salespersons on the road, we have developed a online mobile solution for all business agenda and fast online access to ABRA ERP data.

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Mobilní CRM pro obchodníky na cestách

Recording and planning business communications

  • Easy input and detailed overview of business communication, meetings etc.
  • Display of addresses and contacts with navigation options or direct calls
  • Quick actions for salespersons (e.g. )
  • Easy meeting records including mobile phone photo upload

Customer details and meeting preparation support

  • Display detailed information about customers, businesses and contacts.
  • Basic KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) (categorization data from ERP ABRA).
  • Full history of business communication and business cases.
  • Determination of customer payment morale (average maturity, overdue invoices).
  • Overview of received orders and non-delivery orders (ordered and undelivered goods).
  • Detailed customer reports using integrated ABRA BI.

Business opportunities management

  • Comprehensive evidence of business opportunities.
  • Enter and change the process step and the probability of success.
  • Notes on-the go and meeting records.
  • Schedule further contact (including display on merchant dashboard).
  • View pipeline in planned and re-counted value (by probability).
  • Integrating with ABRA SmartWatch for notifications of changes in business cases.

Goods and stock overview

  • Product catalogue browsing.
  • Searching, filtering, displaying details (including images and specifications.
  • View stock availability of goods (including bookings).

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