Payroll and human resources

The module interconnects payroll and personnel records in a single unit that effectively shares data.

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The module provides a comprehensive and detailed view of expenses associated with human resources.

The module will safeguard

  • Correct and timely processing of wages, payment of insurances, taxes and deductions from wages.
  • Summary of employees, their job title, education, skills and borrowed equipment.
  • Records of types and combinations of employment.
  • All data and reports for evidence of averages, holidays, sicknesses, employment accidents, drawbacks, absences, ELDP and yearly tax settlement
  • Quick entry of input data using defined input fields.
  • Electronic rendering of accounts for national institutions.
  • Unified wage settlement which processes input data, prepares all outputs, payment orders and performs booking

Tips & tricks

  • Salary and staff records are prepared for individual requirements and tailored to individual business needs. The module manages one or multiple shifts operations, and it also deals with flexible working hours. With the “Importing wage data from XLS” expansion, the system can process wages from external sources .
  • The system recognizes different types of employment , task, share, hourly and monthly wages, and can take advantage of other modules.
  • We can extend the ABRA Gen system by an attendance system on demand or link it to your attendance system to simplify entering data into the system.
  • Forms for state institutions , authorities and insurance companies are in the system in electronic form and always up to date.

Well-arranged data

  • With the HR management module, you will have an overview of your employees . In one place, you will see data about their job, education, training, or loaned tools.

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