Positioning stores

Positioning stores, often also called as positioning or controlled stores in practice, are an optional part of the Stock control module.

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They help in organising and controlling work in the warehouse where goods is not stored in established positions, but by storing strategy. Loading and picking can be managed using various strategies with regards to requirements to availability of goods, to stock position preference, to position filling with the least possible number of different goods, etc.

What are the benefits of Positioning stores

  • Optimisation of storage space utilisation by using all positions for all goods
  • Streamlining storekeepers’ work, positioning stores guide storekeepers during work with goods in store
  • Possibility of automated position selection by chosen strategy; possibility of manual position selection as necessary and on own decision
  • Picking of goods (moving to preparatory position) for dispatching according to a received order with the aim to minimise time for dispatching a client
  • Positioning stocktaking for for store stocktaking in the individual positions

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