Post records

Serves for recording shipments of sent and received paper mail.

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Provides the users with a detailed overview of what, when and to whom was sent or delivered.

The Mail Evidence Module offers

  • Cost tracking on postage and shipping.
  • Optimize shipments by adding items to shipments for the same recipients.
  • Possibility to enter a link between sent and received mail.
  • Support of bulk shippments marked by a bar code.
  • Support of print sets, certified mail, registration cards, decade sets, etc.
  • Easy contact search thanks to cohesion with the address book..

Tips and tricks

  • The system automatically creates outbound mail when issuing invoices, delivery notes and other documents.
  • In addition to the standard Czech Post price list, it is possible to enter price lists for other delivery and shipping services. The system supports the most used carriers, such as PPL, UPC, GLS, Toptrans.

Well-arranged data

  • The module creates reports on sent and received deliveries and analyzes their costs.
  • Thanks to importing pricelists for the most used delivery services and the ability to connect mail scales, you always have accurate information about the price of shipments .

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