Absence of errors, maximum use of available resources, emphasis on innovation and no downtime.

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These principles are used in the so-called Lean Factory , which aims to produce only what will bring real profit. Thanks to the ABRA Gen system, your production will get closer to these principles.

The main benefits of the Production Module

  • The module enables tracking and controlling the entire production process via production commands
  • With the module, you can calculate the production cost prices .
  • Based on the inputs and quantification of the product in production, you will know the accurate cost products based on the inputs
  • From one place you can create all production-related documents quickly and easily.
  • The module supports efficiency through full stock engagement and direct material removal and product placement options.
  • Direct production process link is also provided for other business processes such as sales, purchases, accounting, and more.
  • The module supports techincal production preparation (TPP) for serial and custom production.
  • The module uses barcode technology to record performance, material expenditure, and product receiption.
  • The product passport helps you keep track of all of the information about the product. It includes the entire manufacturing history, linking to the production order, a list of the product’s components, information from the work sheet, environmental factors, etc.

Tips & tricks

  • In manufacturing situations in which it is necessary to decide on the basis of human experience, the system will provide data from already executed orders.
  • The most demanding production type is custom production that addresses individual requirements. By making the repair command command, it does not matter if the customer changes its requirements during production.
  • For serial production aimed at producing a large quantity of the same kind of goods, the feature for continuous automatic valuation , which makes it possible to determine the stock price during production, comes in handy.

Overview data

ABRA Gen offers, among others, the following:

  • Vizualization of the production process of more sophisticated products for easier and faster production process orientation.
  • Accurate calculation of the product cost price with respect to the production source used.
  • Fast deviation detection between plan and actual production.

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